Become a Dragonrider

warcraft dragonflight

Master the art of Dragonriding, a new form of aerial movement. Explore the land and obtain four new Dragon Isles Drakes—unique, customizable mounts that can be truly made your own. With millions of possible combinations to choose from, no two Drakes are the same.

Use your new riding abilities to keep yourself and your Drake in the air—but beware! The denizens of the Dragon Isles will knock out inexperienced Dragonriders right out of the sky.

Special Moves

As you grow in skill, you and your Drake will master new maneuvers. Fight against exhaustion and the pull of the earth, and soar above the Dragon Isles.

Talented Rider

Continue to improve your Dragonriding skill by hunting down ancient glyphs and advancing your new Dragonriding skill tree.

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