Code of Rule

The orc messenger with the scarred face hiked toward Highmaul’s gates, struggling her way up stone steps half her height. Highmaul’s ogres stopped to watch her. Rank brutes leered at her from the darkness looming over the path to the summit. Wealthier Gorians looked out from mound-homes ornamented with trophies from their dead enemies. Another …Read More


The martial music of swordplay rang out as the two blades clashed. The combatants sprang apart, circling. The older man, hair and beard as white as moonlight, feinted, then brought his weapon arcing up and around. But the younger man was quick and deftly blocked the blow. Sparks flew, and the colliding blades glinted in …Read More

The Jade Hunters

Queen-Regent Moira Thaurissan requests yer presence. Immediately. Fenella Darkvire lingered before the massive oak door to the royal chambers, repeating the words in her head. She licked dry lips, wiped sweaty, soot-stained hands across her metalworking tunic. She’d been hammering at an anvil in the heart of Ironforge when a royal advisor delivered the message. …Read More