Tarlo Mondan

Tarlo Mondan had been at the Pandaren campaign from the first call for volunteers, and he’d been in plenty more battles before that. Orcs, moldering undead, twisted horn-heads that wore human skulls—he’d fought them all and lived. What’d he gotten out of it? Enough scars to make him shave his scalp? Some pillage put away …Read More


Archbishop Benedictus stood adorned in his finest robes and trinkets, representing the pride of Stormwind’s culture for the great day at hand. Next to him stood a small and grimy man carrying a large bundle of wrinkled scrolls. Benedictus looked up eagerly as Varian emerged from his private quarters. “Light bless you, King Varian.” He …Read More

A Good War

His son lay still. He had died weeks ago, but only now was he at rest. I am afraid for him. Do not be, Saurfang had said, so long ago. He knelt on the cold, unyielding stone floor of Icecrown Citadel and gathered his boy in his arms. They are changing our children. They have …Read More


Everything that is, is alive. The words had become a mantra in his mind, a constant reinforcement of his newfound understanding. More importantly they were an epiphany, the key to unlocking a whole new universe of knowledge. And the epiphany was why he was here. Nobundo took comfort in the words as he slowly negotiated …Read More